Marcus Kline

Marcus Kline is the world’s leading authority on communication and influence.

He is in global demand as a consultant and trainer. Millions read his books.

He shares his expertise, guidance and friendship with world and business leaders, elite sportsmen and women, leading figures in the entertainment industry…


…with small businesses, communities, families or individuals who seek his help and for whom he will often work for free.

Marcus Kline’s mission is to use his influence to help you develop and use yours.

‘Marcus Kline is a Life-Changer.’
‘He changes you, your thinking, your business from the inside out.’
‘He sees and hears what no one else can.’
‘His insights are extraordinary.’
‘He’s not just an amazing consultant, he’s an amazing teacher.’
‘I never thought he would help me! He’s a genius! A generous genius!’
‘He is in a world of his own.’
‘Marcus Kline is the best.’
‘He flows effortlessly from one environment to another. He’s irresistible.’
‘He is the greatest Influencer of his generation.’

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