Influence – the force.

What is Influence?

Influence is a part of our everyday lives. Influence is a power that affects a person, a thing, or a course of events. Influence literally means to flow into; to produce an effect by imperceptible or intangible means.

Influence is inevitable, invisible, irresistible.

The world bombards us with stimuli every second of our lives. Some of it we are consciously aware of. Some of it we are not. Some of it we have been carrying around inside us for years.

Influence is inside you.

It is inside all of us. No matter who we are, where we live, or what professional or social role we have.

Influence can be created, delivered, managed.

Influence needs to be deliberately created, delivered, managed.

It is the force that shapes our world.


Influence – the Marcus Kline Consultancy

Influence is the name and purpose of my Consultancy.

It is based in Nottingham, the city where I live. My offices are on High Pavement in The Lace Market area.

I will, of course, travel anywhere in the world to work with the right client.

Often clients are willing to travel to me.

Whether your needs are political, corporate, sporting or any other type of performance, social or personal, I will help you create, deliver and manage the influence you need to achieve your desired end outcome.

To know more, click on How we flow.


Influence – the gripping new crime thriller

Book cover: Influence by Chris ParkerIf you want to discover just how far I am prepared to go to create and control the power of influence, read the novel Influence in which my best friend, Detective Inspector Peter Jones, faces his most challenging case ever.

When murder victims display the horrific hallmarks of a single, remorseless killer, Peter turns to me for help.

That changes everything. For everyone involved.

As the killer sets the pace, controls the rhythm of events, and influences all around him irresistibly, lives, relationships and reputations are ruined.

Those who didn’t know it beforehand, soon come to realise that

the worst pain isn’t physical.

Influence is published by Urbane Publications.

Order your copy of Influence by Chris Parker at
Order your copy of Influence by Chris Parker at