How we flow

Our services and how we operate

Influence is the Marcus Kline Consultancy. People come to me expecting the very highest of standards and the very best results. That is what I deliver.

That is my personal guarantee.

I will work with you to identify your underlying problem(s), and to then help you and your essential others improve your communications as necessary.

I will improve your intra-personal, inter-personal and/or corporate communications. I will teach you how to campaign your communications to influence communities, societies or nations. I will show you how to engage and persuade audiences, and how to transform individuals. I will give you the ability to communicate with yourself in only the most positive of ways.

I will empower you so that you can create the influence you desire and need.

Just contact Emma, give her the essential details, and I will get back to you personally for a more detailed conversation. If I like the sound of you and you like the sound of me, we’ll take it from there.

We’ll just go with the flow…