My Team

When it comes to teamwork, I value quality over quantity. And passion over skill

So I only employ two full-time people. They are both passionate and exceptionally skilled at what they do. Well, Emma is…(Sorry, Simon.)

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Emma is my organised, efficient, humorous and wonderful Office Manager. She is also my Personal Assistant, the first voice on the phone when people call the office, and my human diary. I get to all of you on time and with everything in place because of Emma. Governments might have fallen and multi-nationals collapsed without Emma’s ability to get me to the show on time.

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Simon wants to be me. Actually he wants to be better than me. Which is why I employed him. I wouldn’t say this to his face, but he’s a lovely young guy – fresh out of university – who believes in the power of communication to improve the world. If you employ me, you might see Simon tagging along. Or, as he would put it, ‘Making valuable inputs.’

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